Thurian Irregulars

Session 38
Session 38

14th of Malleus, Cinten 609 AR

About halfway across the ocean, our fleet came upon a previously undiscovered archipelago consisting of a ring of small thin islands surrounding a large mountainous one arising from a central lagoon. We sent the company ashore on the largest island as an exploratory team to investigate it. Anaxi led them and I stayed behind, as I was not fit for adventure at the time. Several hours after that team went ashore, our look-outs sighted colossal sized constructs of coral rising from the lagoon and the company returned rowing as quickly as they could. They recommended that we hastily flee from the islands, advice that we heeded as they explained what they had found.
First landing on the beach, they had found a sunken Orgoth black ship, apparently rent in twain, and pile of ancient skeletons clad in Orgoth equipment. Moving further inland, they stumbled into a long abandoned village of stone construction that was clearly neither Orgoth nor Immorese. From there, they spotted a tall stone obelisk poking up above the tree cover, so they explored in that direction next, leading them to the center of the island. There they found a grand and ruined temple matching the style of the village, and as they began to investigate its interior, they were assaulted by undead priests wielding dark magic alongside amorphous constructs of sand and water. After dispatching these initial foes, they quickly plundered what they could from the temple. They recovered a book of etched bronze and several magical arms and armor before making a retreat back the shore, pursued all the way by the unliving and their allies. Back upon the beach, they had to confront one of the coral constructs that we had sighted before they could flee in their boat back to the fleet.

Session 37
Session 37

6th of Vendarl, Casteus 609 AR

This may be the beginning of quite an insane adventure. Where do I begin…
I suppose that the proper place to start to start is back in Immoren. Baroness Wakkin had arrived at the estate to inform us the final preparatory details for her expedition to the Orgoth homeland were underway, and that we now had to provide the fleet with access to the weather manipulating magic of a black ship. So the company went to Blackwater, in the despicable Nightmare Empire, to pick up Anaxi’s vessel and crew, for we could trust that group to be loyal to our interests. Unfortunately, this was not simplistic.
First of all, a necrotech grafted to a horse’s corpse decided to test her new variant mechanithralls on us. This is not work well out for her as we destroyed her abominations and Isaak nearly cut her down. She, Nivara, surrendered to us and pledged servitude to me unto my death to avoid her own destruction. With Anaxi’s help, I had a necromantic rune engraved on her to ensure her loyalty, because in Cryx if I demonstrated any mercy or lack of exploitation I’d only be flagging myself for further harassment. By Ellena, I hate the things I have to do in Cryx.
To get some escape after those events, I headed to a tavern to get a drink. Of course, this was not the end of my problems in Blackwater, as Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast, came into the same establishment and started subtly displaying interest in me. Since I have fed intelligence on Cryx’s activities to the Cygnaran Reconnaissance Service, her attention was the last thing I needed and I covertly sneaked out at the earliest opportunity.
Asking around back at Anaxi’s ship, I learned that Skarre had paid a visit there as well, and had enacted blood rituals over the vessel. Doing some rites of my own to figure out what she had done, with animals or course, I was able to discern that she worked magics to increase success’s chances for the expedition, and something far more disturbing. She had also worked other rituals in the past on this vessel, whose lingering magic I could see, to guide events to bring about my meeting with Anaxi and my exposure to Shazkz’s blood. So not only had she ruined my life with past meddling and had some sort of long term plan for me, but I had clearly been a subject of her attention for probably my entire half-year spent in Cryx. She likely knows I am a spy, though I suppose she cannot do anything to me now.
Additionally, I learned upon returning from the tavern that Isaak had approached Nivara about being grafted to his warhorse, and had gone through with that procedure. I had thought Brogg to be thoroughly mad, but apparently I had managed to acquire someone with an even looser relationship with sanity.
Despite all of these complications, we did manage to ready Anaxi’s black ship and leave port. A few days late we rendezvoused with Wakkin and began our long voyage across the Meredius to the homeland of the Orgoth. Hopefully those cruel people do not yet exist there still.

Sessions 31-36
Sessions 31-36

23rd of Gorim, Glaceus 609 AR

I have finally returned to Cygnar, though Anaxi despite my recommendations has decided to tag along. She’s probably after that alchemical treatment my sister came up with that makes Satyxis look like humans… I suppose that as long as she is of use and behaves, it is fine to have her in the company, but if there is anything I have learned from my time on her ship, I cannot trust her completely.
I have resumed leadership of the Thurian Irregulars, spoke to my cousin, and met all of the new members of the company. Velnar was quiet, but he, like the rest of the Nyss, has been through a lot, so that is understandable. And there is Nicolai. A Khadoran doom reaver who gained a Cygnaran title of nobility. He seemed surprisingly reasonable, and if I’m letting Anaxi be a part of the company then it would be hypocritical to exile Nicolai, especially as he is providing his estate as a headquarters for us.
I also learned of our new job, given to us by none other than General Nemo. We have been hired to strike at the Convergence of Cyriss, a violent and extreme sect of the Maiden of Gear’s faith. Apparently, the druids know more about this cult though anyone else we know of, so talking with them is likely a good start. Unfortunately as I have been long out of contact with them, I’m going to have to get their attention. So we headed off into the Gnarls to make some noise.
It wasn’t long before we found a tharn settlement in the middle of a leadership contest, and true to form, despite Nicolai’s naïve notions of speaking peacefully with them, they attacked us on sight. It took them some time to run across their camp, and in doing so we shot nearly a third of them dead before they engaged us in melee, where Nicolai, Anaxi, and I dealt with them handily while Velnar the archer was chased around the settlement by a small group of tharns that he picked off one by one. By the time it was all over, only Anaxi had suffered notable injury.
And as desired, this gained druidic attention. A druid calling himself Galdur Stonecleaver appeared from the trees to berate us for the waste of his cannon fodder, and in the same breath praised our company’s victories against Everblight, but when we explained our desire to go after the Convergence, he quickly got down to business. Apparently, the Circle and the Convergence have been fighting for years, with the Convergence seeking to take control of Orboros holy sites to construct their temples upon, a necessary step to the completing of their “Great Work.” He gave details on the location of one of the Convergence’s temples in northeastern Llael, a facility that the Circle for a variety of reasons could not easily attack at the present time.
Knowing where to strike, we set out on the next day, traveling to Ceryl on foot, and from there to Corvis by train. As we hiked north along the Great Northern Tradeway, we were ambushed by a party of Skorne seeking to enslave us, nearly thirty in number, a mixed force of tyrants, praetorians, venators, and mortitheurges.
Nicolai cut down nearly all of the praetorian squad in a dance of death at the fight’s start, while mortitheurges converged upon us from the rear and in the foliage along the road’s side venators rained needles on our company. Nicolai and Velnar moved to engage the venators, while Anaxi and I turned to face the mortitheurges. In the resulting chaos, both Anaxi and I were incapacitated as a pair of tyrants charged us while supported by the spell onslaught of mortitheurges, though we felled half of their number before they took us out. Meanwhile, Nicolai and Velnar had decimated the venators, and turned their focus to support our collapsed rear flank. Before long, the surviving tyrants and mortitheurges were slain as well, and Nicolai had Anaxi and I on our feet again due to his expertise as a doctor.
Not many days after the incident with the Skorne, we passed through the border into Khador-occupied Llael and entered the city of Merywyn. Our disguises held up to inspection, though upon hearing our cover story that we were Ordic mercenaries entering the region in search of work, the Khadoran guards escorted us to meet the local Khadoran general, Yemelyn Vlad, quartered in the former estate of a Vianni Poussan. After an odd conversation with him, it became apparent that Nicolai was extremely nervous in his presence, and that the general had a fierce hatred for Cygnarans after our military had supposedly killed his son, Nicolai. Eventually, Nicolai revealed the obvious nature of his relationship with the man, and began to iterate the tale of how he was turned into a doom reaver and exiled from Khador.
Nicolai had once been a successful doctor, but after falling on hard times, he had taken to theft to support his family, and had been caught stealing from the house of a noble named Nikon Anatoly. Nikon Anatoly had sentenced Nicolai to become a doom reaver for his crime, and in a fit of fellblade-driven bloodlust, Nicolai slaughtered his wife and daughter during a visit. After that, he ran off to Cygnar. General Yemelyn maintained an emotionless expression throughout the whole story, but tears ran down his face during its telling. Apparently, he had been told that Nicolai was working as a field medic in the Thornwood, that his family had accompanied him to the front, and that they had all been killed by a Cygnaran ambush.
Yemelyn may be a Khadoran, but for what he did next, he has my respect. He began to tell us that as traitors and infiltrators, they he could not officially allow us to leave, but then he mentioned that unofficially, they was a secret escape passage hidden behind the bookshelf and that the northern gate of Merywyn was the least guarded. Officially he’d have to send out notifications that we were loose in occupied Llael, but that unofficially they may get lost on the road. And as he pulled out his pistol, he told us that officially we had overpowered him and shot him in the arm before making our escape. So down we ran the escape tunnel into Merywyn, and we heard the gun shot as we left the building.
After holing up in an abandoned shack in Merywyn’s slums, I updated our disguises and we proceeded to the northern gate. There unfortunately, one of the guards saw through Anaxi’s disguise, but true to Yemelyn’s intelligence, these guards were pushovers in a fight, though one particular gobber was a nuisance to Nicolai. After dealing with them, we made our escape.
Traveling in disguise along the road, we reached the ruins of Riversmet, the Llaelese city that was razed by the Khadorans when they invaded. Within these ruins we encountered an iron lich and his thralls, and destroyed them all without much difficulty after they attacked us, seeking to claim our corpses for the lich’s necromantic works.
Nicolai found two soulcages on the body of the undead spellcaster, and smashed them with his fellblade in an attempt to free the souls inside, and while he did destroy them, his effort backfired as his baleful weapon simply absorbed the collected souls instead. So many souls were collected in those soulcages that it took nearly a minute for all of them to flow into the fellblade, making it a likely possibility that the iron lich had been in the city when it was raised and had collected thousands of souls from the massacre. We all stood back in horror as the infernal bound within the blade, glutted on souls, attempted to force its way out and seize Nicolai’s body, but despite the unearthly energies coursing through his body and the now immense power of the infernal, in a feat of superhuman willpower Nicolai kept it contained as it wasted all of its power against him. The raw power unleashed burned his body to ashes, but in a column of light, his soul ascended to Urcaen before our eyes. After spending some minutes gathering our senses, we quickly fled the area with Velnar leading the way, for no doubt that column of light attracted attention that we would rather not have.
Now that Velnar had gained his sense of the lay of the land, he guided us through the wilderness away from roads and cities to the location of the Convergence outpost over the course of several days. While the entrance was well disguised, my keen senses were able to find it and we soon entered within. The entry passageway was guard by a handful of cultists and a mechanikal soldier of steel and brass, but they were little trouble for us despite Nicolai’s loss.
Pushing further in, we found a guard room with more cultists, another clockwork soldier, and a Cyriss-worshiping arcanist. I noticed two captives and their equipment, obviously warriors, one a Menite and the other a Khadoran, and set them loose to help us in the fight. Before the Menite could don his armor, his was nearly struck dead by the clockwork warrior and its whirling mechanoflail, but I was able to patch his wounds and bring him back on his feet. Once armed and equipped, the three of us rejoined the fray, and with our renewed numbers defeated our adversaries.
Speaking with the freed Khadoran and Menite, we learned that they had no love for the Cyrissists, and would be more than eager to help us clear out this outpost. The Khadoran, Isaak, is a bloodthirsty sort, and a doom reaver who wears steam armor and specializes in mounted combat. Fortunately for him, the Convergence had not killed his warhorse, but merely set it loose in the woods outside the outpost. After going outside and summoning it, it quickly returned to him. The Menite, Amon Akakdios, is a Paladin of the Wall who seems noble but somewhat… off.
After a short rest to discuss and prepare, we headed deeper into the Convergence complex, encountering what appeared to be a residential wing filled with a horde of cultists. Most of them hung back and fired at us with heavy rifles, while Isaak advanced down the wide corridor trampling them under his equine’s hooves and hacking them into pieces with his fellblade. From behind the giant Khadoran, Anaxi assaulted the massed cultists with spells of obliteration, and Velnar and I took pot shots at the cultists as opportunities presented themselves. After forcing our way down to the corridor, all that remained of the cultists was a pile of corpses.
Advancing beyond the residential wing, we came upon another wing of the outpost, a combination of a Cyrissist chapel and a library, defended by mechanikal priests, an arcanist, another clockwork warrior, and another batch of cultists. Isaak charged down the central corridor and trampled the cultists and soldier there as he did in the residential wings, while the rest of us worked our way through a series of connect rooms adjacent to that corridor, forcing the arcanist and the priests into Isaak’s waiting fellblade.
Exploring further, we found a corridor that forked, leading into the heart of the complex and into another wing. We investigated the wing first, finding it to be a workshop with more cultists, a clockwork soldier, and a priest. These Cyrissists were intelligent enough to hide behind their tables for cover, but that did not save them from Isaak’s fellblade, Velnar’s excellent talent for archery, or Anaxi’s spells.
Once we had cleared out all of the wings, which seemed to form a great circle around the center of the outpost, we ventured into its heart. Here, we found ourselves facing a Convergence warcaster with a full battlegroup of the cult’s strange warjacks, supported by other Cyrissists, guarding a circular chamber with unfathomable mechanikal machines connected to an intricate control panel. Before the Convergence warriors could react, Isaak galloped through a crackling field of electricity and cut down the warcaster, and sensing that the machines here where what we had been hired to destroy, I put three rounds into the fragile control panels. Red lights began to flash, alarms sounded, and the Cyrissists scrambled to the machinery. Recognizing by the cultists’ desperate haste that whatever I had just broken would not likely cause anything beneficial in its malfunction, we ran out of the outpost. Fortunately, by the time the mountainside behind us exploded outwards we managed to clear the outpost by a good distance, so we were merely coated in a fine layer of dust.
Over the next two weeks, we made our return trip back to Cygnar by trekking through the wilderness with Velnar as our guide. We were able to catch the train from Corvis to arrive back in Ceryl and report back to Nemo. After confirming our story with the Cygnaran Reconnaissance Service, he was quite pleased with our work and rewarded us handsomely, paying more than a thousand crowns to each of us.

Session 30
Session 30

10th of Malleus, Glaceus 609 AR

What a hectic time these past two weeks have been, with all the fuss from both the Iosans and the Nyss about that frozen elf, and eventually Nicolai just let them take him away to Ios with the Nyss’s permission. Having Nyssor under the same roof as myself was quite disruptive.

Also, we’ve had some difficulties with some of the forest trollkin. They ransacked a village, burning it to the ground and stealing quite a lot of items, mostly farming equipment and the such, and Nicolai would not leave that raid unaddressed. So of course, we’re off into the forest again.

It was not hard to find the trollkin; they left quite a wake of debris behind them as they fled from the village. We snuck up to their camp, and Nicolai spoke to them in an attempt to resolve the situation peacefully, but the trollkin were incorrigible, and they soon attacked us, believing that superiority of numbers would carry the day in their favor. Sadly it did not, no matter how many bison cavalry they mustered. Apparently, they were known bandits, and so we made some fair coin from destroying them.

By Cyriss, I am tired of these slaughters. I am going to have to give my resignation to Syra, this bloodshed does not let me sleep in peace. I’ll probably find a new source of funding with the Cygnaran military researching a way to duplicate that Morrdh amulet’s effects.

But I digress. After the fight, Syra’s blight reasserted itself, and she transformed into what amounts to a miniature dragon, and she ran off into the woods. I ran after her, for despite her flaws I have come to value her as a friend, and convinced her to stay with us as long as her mind remained her own, even if her body no longer has any trace of its elven origin.

Just…Terrible what has happened to her.

Fortunately the company should not need me much longer, for I have heard Osurlin is coming back, though I wonder if she’ll be same after six months among the Satyxis.

Session 29
Session 29

20th of Donard, Ashtoven 608 AR

By the Maiden of Gears, it was far too early for me to think that things could not become any more insane.

A noble called Alderman Vich Garret, a former abrasive acquaintance of Nicolai as I led to understand, challenged Nicolai to a duel after accusing the doom reaver of killing his brother in the Thornwood. A few days later we went with him to the duel in the warehouse district, where we discovered that Nicolai would be fighting a Lord Vianni Poussan, an exiled Llaelese noble and a very arrogant man, who was dueling on Lord Garret’s behalf. The duel was to first blood, and Nicolai won handedly by cutting Poussan across the chest. Vich conceded victory to Nicolai, and that was when things became absolutely crazy.

Shortly after the duel, a laborjack hauling a large frost-covered crate with a military escort idly chatting about a raid into Khador came down the street we were on, and Velnar spotted three draconic forms flying towards us from above. The colossal sized creatures, clearly monsters of Everblight by their appearance, landed around us and the soldiers ran screaming leaving the laborjack and crate behind.

Vianni Poussan on the other hand, did the opposite and charged one of the gargantuans, archangels they are called as my later research uncovered, and assaulted it fearlessly with his pair of mechanikal blades, actually managing to significantly hurt it, while his employer fled into a warehouse and cowered in fear. Nicolai joined suit and attacked the same beast, and between the two of them it was soon dead, but not before it mauled Vianni. The Llaelese man however, killed it by driving his sword through its head.

Meanwhile, Velnar and I held another one of the archangels while Syra singlehandedly occupied the third by repeatedly freezing it in place. With the first one dead, Nicolai and Vianni came down to support Velnar and I, and with our combined might it was soon vanquished, but not before severely wounding Velnar, Nicolai, and I, and putting Vianni a hair’s breadth away from death.

However, the one Syra was fighting had overcome her ice magic, had injured her gravely, and had been to tear apart the abandoned crate, revealing a large ice block with an elven form within. Both of the nyss were moved to fight harder at that sight, so I suppose it has some significance to them. The rest of us converged on the gargantuan, and killed it before it could extracted the elven form, for it only managed to expose his face.

An athanc shard tumbled out of a pouched tied to the draconic creature’s form, and Syra under the influence of mental control, picked up the shard and began to approach the frozen elf. Nicolai knocked the shard out of her hand, and she returned to her senses. Then amazingly the frozen elf opened his eyes had a conversation with Syra in Aeric, after which she used her ice magic to freeze him once more.

After this, a full military battlegroup lead by one of Cygnar’s best warcasters, Artificer General Nemo arrived to fend off the gargantuans, only to find that our mercenary company of four and Vianni Poussan had killed them all by ourselves. Astounded with our skill in combat, he paid us for our service to the city, and made an offer of employment to the company, but would not discuss any details in my presence because he has some strange paranoia concerning worshippers of Cyriss.

So… Now I’m hired for something I know little about, and Nicolai has decorated the estate with a stuffed archangel and the frozen elf, though after a talk with Syra he has the elf locked in a secure vault.

Session 28
Session 28

1st of Vendarl, Ashtoven 608 AR

Finally, being part of this company has paid off excellently. About a month ago in early Khadoven, Nicolai we informed of a problem with a mine within his lands, and he brought us with him to investigate.

Talking to the foreman, we learned that inside the coal mine a laborjack and many workers had been disappearing for the last month, and uncommissioned tunnels had been excavated as well. Fearing anything from Khadoran sabotage to the machinations of Cryx, we headed into the mine to investigate.

We explored down one of the new uncommissioned tunnels, and began to discover necrotite purposefully embedded within the walls. Suspicious, we headed deeper, and found an assortment of undead, unmarked by any necromancer’s runes, along with the missing steamjack, though now burning necrotite in its furnace, mining nothing in particular. With my knowledge of magical lore, I recognized them as a type of undead that arises spontaneously in the presence of necrotite, and that commonly exhibits the behavior of tunneling endlessly. It is likely that they had tunneled into our mine from elsewhere.

The undead miners were none the happy to see us, and swiftly attacked us. While Nicolai and the elves tore apart the undead and held off the laborjack, I supported them with my magic. But then the wall next to where I and the elves were exploded, revealing another tunnel and a group of unliving trenchers. I quickly obliterated them with pair of howling flames spells that I put all of my magic into, which was sufficient to destroy them all, but let me with a nasty headache. Meanwhile, Nicolai disabled the laborjack and the rest of the deathless miners were dealt with by the nyss.

Believing that this tunnel was dug by the undead miners, we endeavored to explore it to its end, a trek that after two weeks of travel lead us to a cellar in an abandoned Morrdh ruin. The tunnel went on past the cellar, but we decided not to pursue it any further in favor of exploring the ruin. And that is where the interesting things were found.

At the top of the ruin, which turned out to be a tower, we found a large magical crystal enchanted with magic that I can only half decipher, despite my extensive knowledge, but it seemed to ward the area against detection. We also found a hidden chamber, containing a decayed library, sadly from which nothing could be saved, a magical, not a mechanikal but a MAGICAL sword that I have taken to study, another magical artifact, a pendant which I have similar, and engraved on the back wall a priceless cache of forgotten arcane lore, of which I rubbed etchings of. There was also a long dead skeleton of a Morrdh leader, dead apparently from drinking wine laced with strong acids, which judging from an open letter on his desk, was vengeance for a betrayal on his part. Additionally, we found substantial evidence indicating a link between Morrdh and Everblight, in the form of sculptures which closely resemble its legion’s monsters.

An examination of visible landmarks around the ruins placed us in the Dragonspine Mountains, and so with a rough understanding of our location, we made our way to Bainsmarket and caught a train to Ceryl. It is certainly a good thing that they have gotten the line fixed after that horrible accident earlier this year.

After assuring everyone to whom it mattered that we were not dead, we traveled back to the estate and I have been a detailed study of all I brought back from the ruin. The pendant enables long distance communication, which would be useful if the pendant can be duplicated without massive blood sacrifice. A building full of arcane accumulators may do the trick, but more research is needed to understand the magic. By its engravings the sword allows domain over beasts, unlocked by blood. In my foolish curiosity, I cut my hand on the sword and it has bonded to me, which I hope will not result in anything bad, but whatever happens it will be interesting. And the rubbings describe spells and magic unlike anything I have ever even heard of before, which will similarly be fascinating.

Before we got back to Ceryl I did use the pendant twice, to try and communicate they were fine, but this go well, for the foreman of the mine was locked up in an asylum and Duke Dergeral though it was the work of black magicians trying to control his mind. A talk with them and the Order of Illumination cleared up the matter, but I imagine that the Order will be very nosy into my work with what I brought back from the ruins.

Also, Nicolai has given the order for the undead excavated tunnels to be dynamited.

Speaking of interesting things, a representative from Ios has come seeking to employ us, though we do not know what for yet.

Session 27
Session 27

15th of Donard, Doloven 608 AR

What have I gotten myself into with this group? Nicolai, who is looking for a potential wife, was invited to a date by another noble, Sierra Florrie, and brought us along to escort him, disturbing my research. He told us what he knew about her, that she was known to be a member of prestigious knightly order, and urged us to behave with supreme etiquette and honor.

Of course with our group, this turned out to be no simple dinner. We arrived at the location and were lead in by the noble lady… into a richly adorned Thamarite temple. Inside were two other aldermen, Oli Donnchadh and Alannah Esta I’m informed, and two less notable cultists.

Alderman Donnchadh began to give a speech about how much trouble the Thurian Irregulars had caused for this little sept, citing the deaths of two other aldermen I had never heard of, an Elsrin and a Thellinda, before imploring us to lie down on their dark alters and be sacrificed without resistance. I must ask again, what have I gotten involved in with this group? Are there more enemies they’ve made that are now unknowingly mine as well now?

Well, of course we were not about to let the cultists murder us, so Nicolai charged up to Donnchadh and cut him in two before he could react. I backed him with sprays of fire that he is oddly immune to, while Syra dealt with the non-blue-blooded cultists and Velnar sent arrows Esta’s way. While Esta retaliated by putting Velnar out with a knockout gas grenade, Syra and Nicolai dealt with the common cultists, Sierra came after Syra, and I cast protective magic on us all to ward away the cultists’ blades. Seeing the danger Esta posed with her alchemical grenades, Nicolai rushed behind her and cut her down.

Sierra being the only one left standing, she sheepishly offered to take Nicolai out to a nearby restaurant in exchange for her life. So Nicolai still got his date despite the whole blood soaked affair.

I now understand why Osurlin left this insanity behind to dwell on satyxis ship, but a contract is a contract.
Sessions 24-26
Sessions 24-26

1st of Vendarl, Doloven 608 AR

Well, I have found work away from the Fraternal Order to fund my research, though becoming a mercenary was not what I had envisioned. I suppose I have to take what I can get, though these are certainly an odd bunch in my cousin Osurlin’s company. A Khadoran alderman, Nicolai, and two heavily blighted nyss, Syra and Velnar. There was a dwarf named Rulnod I’m informed, but they lost him just two days ago.

Apparently, one of Nicolai’s villages had lost all contact with its surrounding communities, and being so close to the Gnarls, which are home to trollbloods, tharns, and Cryxians, the worst was suspected, so the company went to investigate. Of course something terrible had happened, and the entire village, even the livestock, had been blighted and subverted by a dragon called Everblight. The whole village turned on them, but amazingly they fought them off and drove them into the Gnarls.

They pursued the blighted villagers into the woodland, and were ambushed by blighted elves, draconic monsters, some of them with grenades of dragonblood. The group won again, but everyone involved was exposed to raw blight, and the dwarf fell to its influence, twisting into a monster before fleeing deeper into the forest.

Worse still, Velnar had received word from the blighted creatures that his shard was under assault by more of their kind in the far north, and I just happened to join as the company decides to save them. Of course, we were not going to defeat a small army alone, so Nicolai and I convinced the Earl to place a few platoons of trenchers, longunners, and storm knights under Nicolai’s command in exchange for future favors and having any nyss we save serve as rangers in the Cygnaran military.

So we took a boat north, evaded Khadoran patrols and navigated our way through the far northern wilderness to meet with this Legion of Everblight. While Nicolai’s forces pinned the bulk of the dragonblighted enemy in place we made a hole in the blighted creatures’ perimeter to allow the nyss to escape, razing a fortified tower with my pyromancy and then fending off warbeasts and a blighted warlock. The warlock came after me specifically even though I had taken a position within the inferno the tower had become, perhaps because I providing magical support for everyone else, and he had me in terrible situation until Nicolai came to help me, but in the end the warlock died in flames.

With the pathway made, Velnar slipped into his shard’s village and led them out, and we quickly made our way back to Cygnar, where as promised most of the nyss now serve as military rangers. Even most of the soldiers we brought survived .

I do hope that everything that the company does is not this…insane.

Session 23
Session 23

12th of Malleus, Godesh 8808 G

Blessings of the Great Fathers be upon you father.

As I know you understand, my cousin Thoddin Ironbeard came to Ceryl seeking my help with transporting our clan’s quality products to Cygnar. He was seeking guards for a shipment, and I was happy to direct him to the Thurian Irregulars.

He and my mercenary company ventured back to northern Llael, where we boarded our clan’s fine river vessel, the Andesite Hammer. Traveling down the Black River, we were stopped by a Khadoran patrol looking for contraband being smuggled to Cygnar. What a shame the Khadorans’ ban on our legitimate business is, but perhaps our goods are simply of such superb quality they are overcome by the desire to have them to themselves.

However, we could not let them confiscate our shipment, but their warship far outgunned our humble merchant’s steamboat. So I cunningly summoned Nicolai from below in his Khadoran uniform, and was able to convince them that our shipment had the approval of their High Kommand with him as my evidence. It took some time to assuage them, but they let us pass and we were able to deliver our products to the markets of Corvis.

It is my hope that all future endeavors of our clan may continue to meet with such success, despite what obstacles we may face.

Rulnod Ironbeard

Session 22
Session 22

27th of Gorim, Odomar 8808 G

Blessings of the Great Fathers be upon you father.

I have the good news to bring to you. I am making connections with Cygnaran nobility, including one of their dukes even.

You see, I, also with the rest of the honorable mercenary company of which I mentioned in my previous correspondence, were invited to take part in a formal ball hosted by Alderman Gyles in celebration of his improved fortune, which apparently my predecessors in the company had a hand in.

Only a small number of nobles were invited, but Duke Dergeral made an appearance to congratulate Alderman Gyles on his efforts to combat corruption, which if true is certainly laudable.

Mingling introduced me to some interesting personalities. All of the following are aldermen that I observed or met.

Jannis Har followed the Duke around like a loyal pet, enthusiastically agreed with any statement made by the Earl of Oxmeath, and seemed to be terribly anxious all the time.

Caimberry Hoppen made a fool of Alderman Har by causing him to spill his drink on himself.

Thellinda Malcon was fairly reserved, but she made light conversation with both the Duke and Alderman Gyles.

Catha Wakkin approached Syra with a job offer for us, to serve as guards on an expedition to find the homeland of the Orgoth. Syra gave a tentative acceptance to this overture, though I may have to refuse such an endeavor because I put my familial obligations before anything else.

Vich Garret and Ammal Bower both began to harass members of our company, with Alderman Garret screaming without any dignity that Nicolai was a wild monster, despite Nicolai’s civility throughout the evening, and with Ammal failing to provoke Syra and Velnar to anger, for he seems to dislike Nyss.

I am afraid to admit that to punish Alderman Garret’s rudeness, I went outside and sabotaged both axles of his carriage so as to fail as soon as someone attempted to put the vehicle into motion.

The festivities came to an abrupt end when it came to light that Alderman Gyles had been murdered in his study. We went to investigate, and with my expertise in field medicine I identified his cause of death as being a single, very precise stab wound.

Compressed into the carpet, Velnar found a series of footprints, indicative of high heels, which lead to such a pair. Leading away from those, Velnar found a new set of footprints, heavy men’s boots.

We went back down stairs and began comparing shoes, and we found that Alderman Garret and the Duke had the proper footwear, when we heard a loud crash and shouted cursing outside. We rushed outdoors to find that the assassins had attempted to flee in Alderman Garret’s carriage, but due to my earlier efforts, the carriage’s axles had collapsed as they attempted their escape.

We chased the murderers into the forest, and caught up with them. We found ourselves confronted with Alderman Thellinda and her personal guards. She revealed to us that she was culprit behind Alderman Gyle’s death, that she was a priest of a human goddess called Thamar, and that now she intended to kill and frame us as the assassins.

Of course, we fought back, killing Thellinda before she could make use of her magic and then dealing with her surprisingly skilled guards.

We brought her body back to the manor, along with her assassin’s blade, a match for the wound in Alderman Gyle’s back. Having dealt with the assassin, we were commended by the Duke, and because Alderman Gyles had no legitimate heirs, he appointed Nicolai to take his place.

Rulnod Ironbeard


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