Thurian Irregulars

Session 1

Session 1

1st of Vendarl, Glaceus 608 AR

Today I had a most… interesting adventure. I was called before the captain of the Corvis Watch, and there was offered a mercenary charter in exchange for resolving a new criminal matter that the Watch had found itself unable to solve. I was not alone in being offered this arrangement, for the captain had also drawn two convicts from his holding cells. In addition to the mercenary writ, they were offered pardon for their transactions. Though I detest working with law-breakers, I found the captain’s deal acceptable for two reasons: if I am to take on Kerghon, I will need allies and these two, the gobber Pin and nyss Syra, are a start, and for the public service of dismantling a crime ring, I’d have done it for a fraction the price offered.
This operation was selling some alchemical contraband to the poorer denizens of Corvis, an off-white powder derived from a Zu plant, that has a sort of intoxicating and highly addictive effect on those that take it. Since being introduced, it has been the cause of a crime wave, for mundane citizens have taken to crime to gain the money needed for feed their cravings. The Watch has attempted to crack down on this concoction, but the Thamar-worshiping criminals distributing it have proved elusive to law enforcement; it is believed that they know all the watchmen tasked with investigating the issue and subsequently avoid them. So to solve this problem the captain wished to hire a group of unknown mercenaries that would not be easily evaded, namely us.
So our new mercenary company set out to perform our task. Pin, the alchemist gobber, suggested that we may seek to meet with the criminal salesmen under the guise of purchasing some of the contraband, though as for where we would seek them out the best he could offer was “the shady part of town.” So there we went blatantly asking locals where we could find some of this alchemist dust, and for our inquiries we received our desired information and many looks of exasperated consternation.
Having tracked them down, we met with a dealer and his guardian enforcer, who greeted us with a sarcastic remark about our decidedly unsubtle pursuit of them. After a demonstration of my swordsmanship he took us far more seriously. Our more subtle attempts to fish out information as to the whereabouts of the ringleader devolved into violence, and after the resulting fight the enforcer was slain and the dealer was beaten unconscious on the ground. After tending to his wounds so he would not die and rousing him to consciousness, I was able to interrogate our sought after intelligence from him. Apparently his boss, known by the alias “Duster,” dwelled in an excavated lair attached to the Corvis sewers.
After turning over the dealer to the Watch, we headed into the underground network to find this “Duster,” however she was not all we encountered down there. Negotiating those claustrophobic rank passageways we stumbled into a subterranean thrullg. The battle was fierce as we fought on the narrow walkways avoiding contact with the caustic sludge below as we assaulted the monster with flail and axe. Syra attempted to blast the thrullg with her sorcery, but the beast consumed her spell’s energy to heal itself and siphoned life from her. Sensing an appetizing target I believe, it closed to attack her directly and shattered the sorcerer’s leg. Despite this setback, Pin and I were able to slay the creature. With the thrullg dead, Pin extracted fluids from its corpse for his alchemy and I set Syra’s leg before we continued to Duster’s hideout.
Approaching the ringleader’s lair, we passed over a series of warding runes, alerting her to our presence and alerting to us that we were dealing with one of the Gifted. Knowing what to look for, we gained entrance to the criminal’s hideout without difficulty, and I foiled her attempt to ambush us, spotting her hiding behind a pile of crates. Apparently a gunmage, she attempted to harm us with runeshot, but missed. After Syra warded me with some kind of frost magic, I drove Duster from her cover and backed her into a corner, where Pin and I were able to subdue her before she could hurt us with her gunmagic. Unfortunately, she perished from her injuries despite our attempts to stabilize her, so the Watch will be unable to interrogate any useful information from her.
After dealing with Duster, we returned to the Watch captain and informed him of the hideout. He gave us our pay, seventy-five crowns each, thanked us for our service, and assured us that he would have the hideout’s store of contraband destroyed. Pin, as I understand it, is going to supplement our reward by pawning the gear of the gunmage, the dealer, and the enforcer.
We three have decided to stick together for now working as a fledgling mercenary company, the “Thurian Irregulars.” I am to be the captain, Syra the lieutenant, and Pin the treasurer, a position he has already taken well too. Pin and Syra are competent combatants, this much has been demonstrated today, but I am not quite sure I can fully trust them as of yet. I think I’ll need to work with them more and learn more about them before I can do that, but these may be the people I need to face Kerghon.



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