Thurian Irregulars

Session 27

Session 27

15th of Donard, Doloven 608 AR

What have I gotten myself into with this group? Nicolai, who is looking for a potential wife, was invited to a date by another noble, Sierra Florrie, and brought us along to escort him, disturbing my research. He told us what he knew about her, that she was known to be a member of prestigious knightly order, and urged us to behave with supreme etiquette and honor.

Of course with our group, this turned out to be no simple dinner. We arrived at the location and were lead in by the noble lady… into a richly adorned Thamarite temple. Inside were two other aldermen, Oli Donnchadh and Alannah Esta I’m informed, and two less notable cultists.

Alderman Donnchadh began to give a speech about how much trouble the Thurian Irregulars had caused for this little sept, citing the deaths of two other aldermen I had never heard of, an Elsrin and a Thellinda, before imploring us to lie down on their dark alters and be sacrificed without resistance. I must ask again, what have I gotten involved in with this group? Are there more enemies they’ve made that are now unknowingly mine as well now?

Well, of course we were not about to let the cultists murder us, so Nicolai charged up to Donnchadh and cut him in two before he could react. I backed him with sprays of fire that he is oddly immune to, while Syra dealt with the non-blue-blooded cultists and Velnar sent arrows Esta’s way. While Esta retaliated by putting Velnar out with a knockout gas grenade, Syra and Nicolai dealt with the common cultists, Sierra came after Syra, and I cast protective magic on us all to ward away the cultists’ blades. Seeing the danger Esta posed with her alchemical grenades, Nicolai rushed behind her and cut her down.

Sierra being the only one left standing, she sheepishly offered to take Nicolai out to a nearby restaurant in exchange for her life. So Nicolai still got his date despite the whole blood soaked affair.

I now understand why Osurlin left this insanity behind to dwell on satyxis ship, but a contract is a contract.



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