Thurian Irregulars

Session 28

Session 28

1st of Vendarl, Ashtoven 608 AR

Finally, being part of this company has paid off excellently. About a month ago in early Khadoven, Nicolai we informed of a problem with a mine within his lands, and he brought us with him to investigate.

Talking to the foreman, we learned that inside the coal mine a laborjack and many workers had been disappearing for the last month, and uncommissioned tunnels had been excavated as well. Fearing anything from Khadoran sabotage to the machinations of Cryx, we headed into the mine to investigate.

We explored down one of the new uncommissioned tunnels, and began to discover necrotite purposefully embedded within the walls. Suspicious, we headed deeper, and found an assortment of undead, unmarked by any necromancer’s runes, along with the missing steamjack, though now burning necrotite in its furnace, mining nothing in particular. With my knowledge of magical lore, I recognized them as a type of undead that arises spontaneously in the presence of necrotite, and that commonly exhibits the behavior of tunneling endlessly. It is likely that they had tunneled into our mine from elsewhere.

The undead miners were none the happy to see us, and swiftly attacked us. While Nicolai and the elves tore apart the undead and held off the laborjack, I supported them with my magic. But then the wall next to where I and the elves were exploded, revealing another tunnel and a group of unliving trenchers. I quickly obliterated them with pair of howling flames spells that I put all of my magic into, which was sufficient to destroy them all, but let me with a nasty headache. Meanwhile, Nicolai disabled the laborjack and the rest of the deathless miners were dealt with by the nyss.

Believing that this tunnel was dug by the undead miners, we endeavored to explore it to its end, a trek that after two weeks of travel lead us to a cellar in an abandoned Morrdh ruin. The tunnel went on past the cellar, but we decided not to pursue it any further in favor of exploring the ruin. And that is where the interesting things were found.

At the top of the ruin, which turned out to be a tower, we found a large magical crystal enchanted with magic that I can only half decipher, despite my extensive knowledge, but it seemed to ward the area against detection. We also found a hidden chamber, containing a decayed library, sadly from which nothing could be saved, a magical, not a mechanikal but a MAGICAL sword that I have taken to study, another magical artifact, a pendant which I have similar, and engraved on the back wall a priceless cache of forgotten arcane lore, of which I rubbed etchings of. There was also a long dead skeleton of a Morrdh leader, dead apparently from drinking wine laced with strong acids, which judging from an open letter on his desk, was vengeance for a betrayal on his part. Additionally, we found substantial evidence indicating a link between Morrdh and Everblight, in the form of sculptures which closely resemble its legion’s monsters.

An examination of visible landmarks around the ruins placed us in the Dragonspine Mountains, and so with a rough understanding of our location, we made our way to Bainsmarket and caught a train to Ceryl. It is certainly a good thing that they have gotten the line fixed after that horrible accident earlier this year.

After assuring everyone to whom it mattered that we were not dead, we traveled back to the estate and I have been a detailed study of all I brought back from the ruin. The pendant enables long distance communication, which would be useful if the pendant can be duplicated without massive blood sacrifice. A building full of arcane accumulators may do the trick, but more research is needed to understand the magic. By its engravings the sword allows domain over beasts, unlocked by blood. In my foolish curiosity, I cut my hand on the sword and it has bonded to me, which I hope will not result in anything bad, but whatever happens it will be interesting. And the rubbings describe spells and magic unlike anything I have ever even heard of before, which will similarly be fascinating.

Before we got back to Ceryl I did use the pendant twice, to try and communicate they were fine, but this go well, for the foreman of the mine was locked up in an asylum and Duke Dergeral though it was the work of black magicians trying to control his mind. A talk with them and the Order of Illumination cleared up the matter, but I imagine that the Order will be very nosy into my work with what I brought back from the ruins.

Also, Nicolai has given the order for the undead excavated tunnels to be dynamited.

Speaking of interesting things, a representative from Ios has come seeking to employ us, though we do not know what for yet.



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