Thurian Irregulars

Session 29

Session 29

20th of Donard, Ashtoven 608 AR

By the Maiden of Gears, it was far too early for me to think that things could not become any more insane.

A noble called Alderman Vich Garret, a former abrasive acquaintance of Nicolai as I led to understand, challenged Nicolai to a duel after accusing the doom reaver of killing his brother in the Thornwood. A few days later we went with him to the duel in the warehouse district, where we discovered that Nicolai would be fighting a Lord Vianni Poussan, an exiled Llaelese noble and a very arrogant man, who was dueling on Lord Garret’s behalf. The duel was to first blood, and Nicolai won handedly by cutting Poussan across the chest. Vich conceded victory to Nicolai, and that was when things became absolutely crazy.

Shortly after the duel, a laborjack hauling a large frost-covered crate with a military escort idly chatting about a raid into Khador came down the street we were on, and Velnar spotted three draconic forms flying towards us from above. The colossal sized creatures, clearly monsters of Everblight by their appearance, landed around us and the soldiers ran screaming leaving the laborjack and crate behind.

Vianni Poussan on the other hand, did the opposite and charged one of the gargantuans, archangels they are called as my later research uncovered, and assaulted it fearlessly with his pair of mechanikal blades, actually managing to significantly hurt it, while his employer fled into a warehouse and cowered in fear. Nicolai joined suit and attacked the same beast, and between the two of them it was soon dead, but not before it mauled Vianni. The Llaelese man however, killed it by driving his sword through its head.

Meanwhile, Velnar and I held another one of the archangels while Syra singlehandedly occupied the third by repeatedly freezing it in place. With the first one dead, Nicolai and Vianni came down to support Velnar and I, and with our combined might it was soon vanquished, but not before severely wounding Velnar, Nicolai, and I, and putting Vianni a hair’s breadth away from death.

However, the one Syra was fighting had overcome her ice magic, had injured her gravely, and had been to tear apart the abandoned crate, revealing a large ice block with an elven form within. Both of the nyss were moved to fight harder at that sight, so I suppose it has some significance to them. The rest of us converged on the gargantuan, and killed it before it could extracted the elven form, for it only managed to expose his face.

An athanc shard tumbled out of a pouched tied to the draconic creature’s form, and Syra under the influence of mental control, picked up the shard and began to approach the frozen elf. Nicolai knocked the shard out of her hand, and she returned to her senses. Then amazingly the frozen elf opened his eyes had a conversation with Syra in Aeric, after which she used her ice magic to freeze him once more.

After this, a full military battlegroup lead by one of Cygnar’s best warcasters, Artificer General Nemo arrived to fend off the gargantuans, only to find that our mercenary company of four and Vianni Poussan had killed them all by ourselves. Astounded with our skill in combat, he paid us for our service to the city, and made an offer of employment to the company, but would not discuss any details in my presence because he has some strange paranoia concerning worshippers of Cyriss.

So… Now I’m hired for something I know little about, and Nicolai has decorated the estate with a stuffed archangel and the frozen elf, though after a talk with Syra he has the elf locked in a secure vault.



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