Thurian Irregulars

Session 3

Session 3

23rd of Gorim, Glaceus 608 AR

Thamarites crop up in the strangest and most disturbing ways. But that’s a complicated story. Our mercenary company was hired by a representative of Alderman Dence, who is of the village of Woodrow, out by the Gnarls, to deal with a dregg problem. The subterranean monsters had apparently conducted a series of nighttime raids and had kidnapped six of the village’s citizens. Our job was to find the monster’s lair, slay them, and rescue or at least return the bodies of the missing villagers.
Travelling to Woodrow we encountered a pair of bandits, Khadoran deserters. The imperial military of Khador did not lose much with the loss of these two; they were vanquished without effort. Pin, our official treasurer, looted their corpses and we continued to Woodrow without delay.
At Woodrow, we met with the good Alderman himself, who informed us that his strained coffers could not reward our efforts with coin, but he could arrange for our lodgings in the town to be free. He also introduced us to a woodsman guide who could lead us to where this dregg had been sighted. Could being the operative word, for he was too scared at first to go out into the forest at night. Fortunately with some coaxing, his cowardice fled him and he agreed to help us help his town. Some people…
Traveling into the thick of the Gnarls in the dead of night, we uncovered a small cave mouth guarded by a lone dregg. It was quickly dispatched and we continued within. We found a few more chambers, filled with hostile dregg of various sorts, and the whole of them fought harder when injured, for they seemed to derive some kind of perverse pleasure from it. Unlike Pin, who was harmed in the skirmishing, but not severely. We had reached the deepest-most cave chamber, illuminated by a solitary fire, and had not found the missing villagers. And disturbingly, these dregg seemed to have runeplates bolted into their bodies. Black magic is never a good sign. But we did stumble unto a most curious sight, a passageway leaking diffused candlelight and leading to a paved room… filled with thralls.
So moved to fight them. The thralls, six in number…same as the missing villagers, were controlled by a Thamarite necromancer, who seemed to have a living area and workshop attached to the dregg’s caverns. Pin brought low most of the thralls and the necromancer with a well thrown grenade, and from then on the fight was effortless. Searching the Thamarite’s quarters, we found evidence that he had used some sort of runeplate mesmerism to control the dregg, and through them had kidnapped villagers for his necromantic experiments. Additionally, we found a fair bit of coin, which was split amongst us.
Seeing that the three of us could not realistically carry six bodies back to Woodrow, we choose instead to inform the Alderman of their location, which he found satisfactory. We plan to head back to Ceryl tomorrow.



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