Thurian Irregulars

Session 30

Session 30

10th of Malleus, Glaceus 609 AR

What a hectic time these past two weeks have been, with all the fuss from both the Iosans and the Nyss about that frozen elf, and eventually Nicolai just let them take him away to Ios with the Nyss’s permission. Having Nyssor under the same roof as myself was quite disruptive.

Also, we’ve had some difficulties with some of the forest trollkin. They ransacked a village, burning it to the ground and stealing quite a lot of items, mostly farming equipment and the such, and Nicolai would not leave that raid unaddressed. So of course, we’re off into the forest again.

It was not hard to find the trollkin; they left quite a wake of debris behind them as they fled from the village. We snuck up to their camp, and Nicolai spoke to them in an attempt to resolve the situation peacefully, but the trollkin were incorrigible, and they soon attacked us, believing that superiority of numbers would carry the day in their favor. Sadly it did not, no matter how many bison cavalry they mustered. Apparently, they were known bandits, and so we made some fair coin from destroying them.

By Cyriss, I am tired of these slaughters. I am going to have to give my resignation to Syra, this bloodshed does not let me sleep in peace. I’ll probably find a new source of funding with the Cygnaran military researching a way to duplicate that Morrdh amulet’s effects.

But I digress. After the fight, Syra’s blight reasserted itself, and she transformed into what amounts to a miniature dragon, and she ran off into the woods. I ran after her, for despite her flaws I have come to value her as a friend, and convinced her to stay with us as long as her mind remained her own, even if her body no longer has any trace of its elven origin.

Just…Terrible what has happened to her.

Fortunately the company should not need me much longer, for I have heard Osurlin is coming back, though I wonder if she’ll be same after six months among the Satyxis.



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