Thurian Irregulars

Session 8

Session 8

17th of Donard, Tempen 608 AR

Today our mercenary band was hired by an Alderman Gyles. After summoning us and giving an incomprehensible rant about the difference between justice and revenge, he asked us to neutralize a pirate band called the “River Wolves” and unearth any evidence we could of a link between them and another noble, Alderman Elsrin. Apparently this Elsrin and Gyles have an animosity with each other, with Gyles claiming that Elsrin is corrupt and self-centered. Gyles told us that in his politicking, he tried to expose Elsrin’s lack of integrity and in response Elsrin ruined Gyles’s standing by exposing an embarrassing secret of Gyles. Noticeably, Gyles failed to mention what this secret was. Politics is a stinking mess I’d rather not put my foot in, but pay is pay. Though Gyles did pay us in an unconventional manner, giving us an old Orgoth map instead of coin.
After meeting Gyles, we were confronted by Elsrin, who mocked us and called us “boring” all while flipping a swan. I can see why Gyles dislikes him. I felt the urge to punch the smug, contemptuous expression off his face and I am surprised that Brogg did not, for he does not have nearly the same level of restraint I do. I suspect that the only reason he didn’t was the presence of Elsrin’s ten bodyguards.
Once we had rid ourselves of Elsrin’s presence, we began our work in earnest. I tracked down a fence that the pirates likely sold their ill-gotten goods to, and though he was initially reluctant to share any information, he became more talkative once Brogg began to insinuate violence. He then directed us to pier 14, telling us that the River Wolves’ steamship was moored there.
We found the pirates, and they were not inclined to peacefully cooperate to our ends. Syra killed their elven mechanik before he could give their armed laborjack any commands, and their trollkin captain landed an explosive grenade at Pin’s feet. By the end of the fight, Pin was injured quite severely, for he had been shot thrice and bore the brunt of two explosive grenades, one from the pirates and one that he misthrew. The steamjack shot Brogg with a cannon at point-blank range, but amazingly Brogg was unharmed. However, he was harmed by the ‘jack’s far less impressive punching spike. Ironic. Despite our casualties, the pirates fared worse, but we were able to take one alive.
With the help of Brogg’s persuasive abilities, he disclosed that these pirates did have dealings with Elsrin. Elsrin would pay them to attack mercantile enterprises that were competitors of firms with which he had a financial stake. As an aside, apparently Elsrin told the pirates that they too are “boring.” I ponder what that man considers to be interesting. All our fighting and perhaps the cannonfire attracted the attention of the city guard, and I explained to them what had occurred, and how by Article 21 of the Mercenary Charter of the Corvis Treaties and the precedent set by the Malonov decision in 534 AR, this pirate was legally our prisoner of war and his ship and its contents our rightful spoils of war. This seemed to placate them somewhat, especially after we proved to them that these pirates we had fought were the infamous River Wolves. After compelling the pirate to reveal to the guards what he had told us concerning Elsrin, we turned over him to the guards’ custody.
After the guards left, a search of the ship uncovered a chest filled with nearly seven pounds of crowns, which we split amongst ourselves. Following that, we returned to Gyles and updated him upon events, and he being pleased with our quick work rewarded us with the promised map.



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