Thurian Irregulars

Session 9

Session 9

11th of Malleus, Cinten 608AR

And so my plan moves into motion…
13 days ago, I tracked down a watchman in Kerghon’s pocket, Renard, intending to work my way up the hierarchical ladder to Kerghon himself. I wrote a fake request from Kerghon, asking for him to come to a dead-of-night meeting in Ceryl Park, and had Pin stealthily slip it into his mailbox. When he came to the park that night he found only our trap.
Renard came with a contingent of six other corrupt guards, and was surprised to see me, and was apparently aware of Brogg by reputation. He did not know who Syra was, and did not even see Pin, who was hidden in a bush behind his position. Brogg and I attempted to frighten the desired information out of him, the identity and meeting place of his criminal handler, but when he proved too reluctant I gave to signal to attack. Before his cronies could react, my dual hand cannon had slain one Renard’s insults to the Watch, Syra’s sorcery and claymore had claimed two more, and a second pair dropped dead with Pin’s axes in their backs. Brogg ran up to Renard and savaged him with his axe. They tried to fight back, Renard disarmed Brogg and one of the false-guards futilely flailed at Pin, but Syra’s spell killed the last of the cronies and Brogg’s fist rendered Renard unconscious.
We bound Renard and I woke him. So sorely beaten, he was now far more cooperative. I was going to pay for his passage to Five Finger’s beyond the reach of Kerghon’s vengeance, but both Syra and Brogg pointed out that if he would so readily betray Kerghon’s trust we couldn’t trust him to maintain silence on our regard. Though Pin objected, I allowed Brogg to tear him limb from limb. We then cleaned up the scene and left a rose in a glass of water next to Renard’s bloody carcass, the calling card of the Riverose Syndicate, so as to keep suspicion off of us and direct Kerghon’s attention onto the rival organization. We dumped the cronies into the Ceryl Bay, where they will never be found.
Following Renard’s information, we went to the Boomstick Inn to meet with an ex-trencher named Tenath a few days later. As the Boomstick Inn had a no-weapons policy, Pin hid just outside with our weaponry in case events went awry. Brogg went in first, followed some minutes later by Syra, and finally I came in. Brogg had already drawn a crowd to himself, and Syra typically sulked in a dark corner. I made my way to Tenath, and with some charm arranged a meeting with Kerghon, though that veteran is terrible in bed. In his room I found a book of ciphers, military grade. It seems Kerghon is thorough in keeping his communications discrete.
Three days following that, I received a package from that bumbling scholar. It was the Orgoth book. Apparently, he had been visited by mages from the Fraternal Brotherhood looking for the book and had sent it to me for safekeeping. In case others came seeking it from me, I immediately began to copy it, though I understood not a word of its contents. A few more days following that, I received word of the scholar’s death. He was murdered and his home had been ransacked.
A week after receiving the book, I had been given instructions to meet with Kerghon, Pier 20 at night. He brought us onto a ship, had us place of all our weapons in a chest, and took the ship out to sea. Then he began to speak to us. He was surprised that I would seek an audience to him, and I told him the lie that I had become far more criminally inclined during my time spent in Five Fingers, and presented him with the copy of the Orgoth book as a sign of good faith, noting how valuable the item had suddenly become. It had the intended pleasing effect. I then offered to help him with his recent Riverose Syndicate problem, seeing as how in the past few weeks a fierce criminal war of escalating retaliation had started between Kerghon’s organization and them, sparked by the Syndicate’s unprovoked butchering of Kerghon’s Watch insider, Renard. Kerghon was inclined to this proposal, and told me he would arrange for us to become his new insiders in the Ceryl Watch so that he might use the Watch as a bludgeon against the Syndicate, and he gave me a codebook and my first payment.
I later compared that codebook to my copied version of Tenath’s and found them to be different. That’s clever of Kerghon, centralizing control to himself and his inner circle and keeping his operations separate and compartmentalized. He doesn’t quite trust me and I have yet to work my way into his inner circle, but I will get there, conveniently weakening the Riverose Syndicate’s operations in the city while doing so. Then I will take out him and his inner circle, leaving his organization decapitated without the Syndicate being in a position to take advantage. And then, I’ll be able to finally clean the corruption out of the Ceryl City Watch and bring this city’s crime to a manageable level.



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