Thurian Irregulars

Sessions 12-13

Sessions 12-13

25th of Gorim, Rowen 608 AR

I can’t believe it. I’ve become one of those damned satyxis. This is almost as bad as Pin dying. Damned dragonblood soak through my backpack and got on me. After I got back from the Orgoth ruins I started getting these terrible frontal headaches, and I saw my priest about them. But his healings only made it worse. He tried more powerful medicines, and taking these I passed out for two days, and awoke transformed into the… thing that I am now. Then that dumbass Brogg mentions that he noticed the dragonblood had soaked through my pack. I could have just throttled the trollkin abomination.
My priest did also have a job to offer our company though. Apparently, word through the Church was that a village up north required some sort of assistance, and he felt that we are suitable for the problem’s resolution. Delaying only to deal with my new issue, we left as soon as possible. Traveling to the village took only a week.
We arrived to find a village under siege. It seems that villagers had been turning up dead with strange wounds, and after more than a week of this those still alive had taken refuge in the local church of Morrow. After talking with the local priest, we discovered that shortly before the killings began a group from the Fraternal Brotherhood had arrived to conduct research in a ruin just outside the village, and that nothing had been heard of them since. Sensing a connection, we went to this ruin to investigate.
Entering the ruin we passed into an entry way, portcullises slammed shut on either side, and we found ourselves assaulted by an incorporeal assassin bursting out of the wall. It was not a ghost nor specter but an Infernal. After dealing with this otherworldly fiend, I noticed that its weapon was a match for the wounds on the dead villagers, indicating that we were on the right track.
Proceeding deeper into the ruin we encountered several tentacled statues that moved to attack us. None of us knew what they were, and though they were as durable as warjacks we destroyed them all the same. Further within, we found the Fraternal Brotherhood arcanists. They were all dead, gathered around a broken ritual circle. And they had with them the copy of Orgoth book I had given to Kerghon. Idiots, what in Urcaen were they thinking working Orgoth black magic? Their souls are now likely the foodstuff of Infernals and a dozens of villagers have died for their foolishness.
After finding the arcanists, we entered the chamber deepest within the ruins, and found a woman, twisted into a fiendish form, accompanied with several large worm-like Infernals. In the back of the room was an Orgoth soulcage filled with captured souls, likely those of the villagers. She attempted to parley with us, but we have none of it, and so combat was joined. She fought us with black magic, using the captured souls to fuel her dark powers and the summon more Infernals to fight at her command, but all her efforts were futile, though so intense was the fight that Brogg, the trollkin who had shrugged off cannon shots, nearly died. But we slew her regardless.
After the fight, I had an angry outburst directed at Brogg concerning my satyxis situation, and I scared him so such he used his unarmed prowess to render me unconscious. I came to a bit later, and apologized, for while my predicament had greatly upset me, he was not the cause of it.
So then we returned to the village, notified the priest of the events within the ruins, and he showed his satisfaction with our service in coin. Then we left back for Ceryl.



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